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Title : Request for Expression of Interest (EOI) for selection of firm/company for deploying outsourcing staff (driver, MLSS, guard/night guard)
Tender ID : 1608290061 Procuring Place : Dhaka
Type : Expression of Interest for Consulting Firm (1st Time Call)
Inviter : Office of the Executive Engineer, Department of Public Health Engineering (DPHE)
Doc. Price : N/A
Security Amt. : N/A
Published On : 29-Aug-16 [Ittefaq]
Closed On : 29-Sep-16 (31 days more) at 12:00 PM
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Title : Invitation for supply of baggage scanner, archway metal detector & portable explosive detector (3 Lots)
Tender ID : 1608270006 Procuring Place : Dhaka
Type : Invitation for Tender (1st Time Call, International)
Inviter : Special Branch, Bangladesh Police
Doc. Price : Tk 2000, 3000, 2000 respectively
Security Amt. : Tk 200000, 300000, 200000 respectively
Published On : 27-Aug-16 (2 days back) [Financial Express]  Also published on
27-Aug-16 (2 days back) [Ittefaq]
Closed On : 10-Oct-16 (42 days more) at 14:00
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Title : Invitation for enlistment of contractor for supply and repair of furniture, computer, printer & related accessories
Tender ID : 1608250093 Procuring Place : Rajshahi
Type : Invitation for Enlistment (1st Time Call)
Inviter : Bangladesh Bank (BB)
Doc. Price : Tk 100
Security Amt. : See image for details
Published On : 25-Aug-16 (4 days back) [Financial Express]  Also published on
28-Aug-16 [Company Website]
26-Aug-16 (3 days back) [Shamokal]
25-Aug-16 (4 days back) [Sunshine]
Closed On : 26-Sep-16 (28 days more)
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Title : Invitation for design, manufacturer, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of pre-paid meter & distribution network management commercial operation & customer service
Tender ID : 1608110016 Procuring Place : Dhaka
Type : Invitation for Tender (1st Time Call, International)
Inviter : Dhaka Power Distribution Company Ltd (DPDCL)
Doc. Price : US$ 200
Security Amt. : USD 1 lac
Published On : 11-Aug-16 (18 days back) [Financial Express]  Also published on
13-Aug-16 (16 days back) [Daily Star]
11-Aug-16 (18 days back) [Amader Shomoy]
11-Aug-16 (18 days back) [Jugantor]
Closed On : 06-Oct-16 (38 days more) at 12:00 PM
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Title : Request for Proposal (RFP) for license BBC janala media content (Proposal submission time has been extended to 7th September 2016, 5 pm.)
Tender ID : 1607310059 Procuring Place : Dhaka
Type : Request for Proposal (1st Time Call)
Inviter : BBC Media Action
Doc. Price : See image for details
Security Amt. : See image for details
Published On : 31-Jul-16 (29 days back) [TenderBazar]
Closed On : 07-Sep-16 (9 days more) at 05:00 PM
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